About GreenIVe

GreenIVe Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the CBD industry by supplying high-quality CBD based products. We strive to inform as many as we can on the many healing properties that CBD has to offer, and strive to be the most trusted CBD brand online. 

This is all because here at GreenIVe we care about our customer health and wellness. We understand that everyones wellness journey is unique and everyone deserves to live happy and healthy.

We hate to see people who feel blue because of pain or stress. We hope that we can be the reason there is a little more green in the world, because why be blue when you can be green!

Why Buy From GreenIVe

What started as a way to improve the life around the ones we love has grown into something bigger than just ourselves. All without manufactured medicines and harmful chemicals, just quality CBD done right.

Best Prices Online

Don't break the bank to buy high-quality CBD.

60-Day Returns and Refunds

We want to make sure that you love everything you buy or your money back.

Third Party Lab Tested CBD

Every CBD product is indivdually test for quality, so you know exactly what your buying.

USA Grown & GMP Compliant

Every bottle starts with U.S. grown hemp that is grown organically. All GreenIVe producdts are mad in a clean, safe environment.

At GreenIVe, we are family.

We want you to see us as more than just another CBD brand online. The GreenIVe team are people just like you. People who are looking for a better way of living.

Our main goal is to search for new ways to make high-quality CBD affordable and taste absolutely delicious.